Friday, January 3, 2014

She is dead, I too...

I was almost dead after seeing this dead bird in my balcony from my room. The bird died because of chilled winter, not me. We, human has shattered their home and secured our lifestyle. Injustice to a bird, the nature and someone's life.

When a person from one region cannot understand the language of a person from other region doesn't mean to be ignored. Same way, a creature of nature maybe specified in a different way but doesn't mean to ignore them.

There are several programmes and initiatives going on throughout the World by different organizations to save lives of other creature. But, with deep grief to say that we are not changing. How much tree we planted, takes several years to become home of a bird but it takes less than a minute to shatter.

If any person from wood industry looking at the image, just realize that what are you doing? I know, you'll talk about market demands and all but it'll affect you and your family too.

I imagined myself same as the bird hanging somewhere dead. It doesn't scared me, it scared the whole ecosystem and humanity.

Few days back, I updated on Facebook - "How does feel when you're alone hanging at 90 feet above the ground in chilled winter @9°C and looking for someone who's thousands of kilometer away from you? Leave, let it be a joke." I was talking about these birds because they occassionally used to hang over in my balcony and on that day bird was alone sitting in early morning warming her body with the sunlight. I thought, it's good that there's net so that they can used to sit here for sunlight.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ended 2013 and Started 2014

December 31, 2013 - Was published an article 'Turn Simple Idea into Innovative Idea' at Magazine of Youth. And, prepared my next diary of #Year2014 with lots of my small and big efforts that I'll put to Change the World as I'm trying from many years. 

Had several cup of coffee in this chilled weather with some white pages which turned into blue. Few minutes in the city roaming to see the life and the people and back to flat.

Wrote last message of 2013 on Facebook - Less than an hour for 2014, hope you too had some best and worst moments of life in 2013. Just wanted to tell you, "No matter, how much big the World, the Universe is, we'll always have only 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute, this is what not gonna Change unlike calender. It's you, who'll be responsible for your life. Everyday, just try to make your every moments better than yesterday."- sitting in my room, wondering about some happy and sad moments of 2013 with another cup of coffee.

January 01, 2014 - Started with a song "Khule-Da-Rab - (Openness of God)" by Papon. Received large number of calls and messages from all friends and relatives wishing 'Happy New Year'. 

Received an e-mail from International Coordinator of Green Youth Generation who mentioned, "You've changed my life." asking for further support from my side. And, I feel proud because at least my efforts are not wasting. And I'm thankful to every people who believe in us and supporting our initiatives from different countries across the Globe.

Because I'm working on Youtharia Revolution 2014, I didn't attend any party and I'm sorry to those friends and family who invited me as my every hour is important. And, as I mentioned in last message of 2013, calenders will keep changing. Believe me, one day we'll celebrate each day as "Happy New Day".

Looking forward for amazing days ahead.

Friday, July 5, 2013

7 Most Inspiring Stories of My Life

007: The way I keep positive attitude for you, I wish the same from your side because you're my friend. And honestly, you can be a better leader and entrepreneur than today.

# One can't realize the problem on ground level until or unless travelling on ground. I've traveled whole India by train in 2013 and I've learned something amazing which I hadn't found while flying from South India to North India and West India to East India in 2012.

006: It was 2011 and Green Youth Generation initiated its first activity. Although many people from around the World appreciated our work but there was few people who seems to be feeling insecure. The reason was, a simple boy from a small town had started a student organization who wasn't brilliant and talented enough even lack of leadership quality. But in two month of his activity, recognized by Tunza Eco-Generation (An environmental networking platform by UNEP and Samsung Engineering, S. Korea) and he became Ambassador to represent the nation India.

# I have never been demoralized when few people tried to pull me down rather those people inspired me to be the change. Because my initiative was real, my small team has never been work for the sake of name and fame as those few people think of.

## Now, we're strong and one of the largetst platform of Asia-Pacific who's building world leader who're making difference in the World. And, we're heard by United Nations, Government of India and many esteemed organizations of the World.

"We'll not Change the World, We're changing the World." - published on front page of Hindustan Yuva (Hindi newspaper for Youth)

005:Me and my rockstar team were running whole day for sponsorship but very few local businesspersons of the city were aware about the word 'sponsorship'. It was very tough for us to aware and explain them because it was all about money and generally people don't want to believe when we suggest something new no which was completely new for them. Anyway, after 20 days and we raised only 10% of the total expenditure. I thought that these businessperson ain't gonna sponsor our event so we've to cancel it. Exactly a week before the expected date of the event, an institutes sponsored our event.  Believe me, my team were very happy like first dream came true.

# Youtharia Games in Minz Stadium was the first huge success of the Green Youth Generation with 2000+ audience. Green Morning World was introduced to the people which is now popular in schools and most of the student of the Gopalganj wish Green Morning. Later, businesspersons were change their mind and contact us to sponsor our upcoming events. Now, we're organizing the Youtharia EduForum which is first time ever happening in the city with around 1200 audience from more than 20 villages on this World Environment Day (June 05, 2013).

- This isn't fight to win or lose rather to CHANGE the World.

004: People meet, betray and back-stab. It's a story when I'd started trusting people and one of them become so important who given me a reason to be with. There's nothing I've found heavenly as I found when I speak and motivate people who's in front of me. Because sad part is, there's nothing important for those people who live for their own benefits or whatever...and its better to do good for mass rather to do anything for single.

# I still the same man who born on 19th February and will be the same forever. I cannot change my dream to make a difference in the World no matter whether I've to do because once I told in UNEP TUNZA Asia-Pacific Youth Conference that 'Youth & Children are future of any country, they can Change the World. They can do anything whatever they want if they wish to do.'

003: First time ever I introduced Green Morning World in 2011. Went to more than 20 schools and wishes everyone Green Morning but it was difficult for few people to accept it. In schools, Green Morning become popular and student start wishing and whenever I post on social networking website then few people make joke of it.

Later,it was first recognized at UNEP TUNZA Asia Pacific Youth Conference 2012 by Satwant Kaur (Regional Information Officer, UNEP Regional Office of the Asia and Pacific) and then at Convention on Biological Diversity COP 11 by Madhavi Joshi (Programme Director, DESD and Youth Programmes) and at UNFPA's ICPD Global Youth Forum (Bali, Indonesia).

# Now in any conference/event, I start with "Green Morning World and don't be uncomfortable if I said Green Morning because it's my love and devotion to our mother Earth. I'm..."

002: "Being a Computer Science student, I'm highly inspired by Computer because it understands '0' and '1' only, 'Yes' or 'No' and 'Do' or 'Die'. This helps me in decision making so that I can easily take decision rather being confused between 'Yes, No or Don't No'." - I always keep saying this while hosting any engineering college/university. And believe me, I've left an impact on student who're now successful young leader.

# Each of your action needs strong and confident decision that makes you successful. I've never answered "Don't No" in my entrepreneurship and leadership career because "Don't No" isn't any answer.

001: A step to inspire millions. Coming up with - 100 Most inspiring stories and experience of My Life. Visit:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Real Heroes | Youtharians

From last two months, was very busy in studies and organization I'm running. You may heard about Green Youth Generation's Youtharia: Season-III, an unique strategy to Think Globally, Act Globally.
I'm so honored that these young leaders are part of one of the largest student organization working in the field of Child Rights, Education and Environment. And, rockstar managing team who're continuously working hard for the sake of our Mother Earth.
Amazingly, we're achieving our goal and mission to make real difference in the World. There's no doubt that our National/International Coordinators are doing great and have realized the true meaning living life. They know, what kind of future they want? There initiatives are changing lives of millions and motivating billions of people. Why? Why they're doing so? There isn't any financial support but there's passion of doing right works and these esteemed young leaders so called Youtharians are doing so.
It takes some time to motivate someone but it worth a lot when those people understand its real meaning and value. Later, they make their identity in the World and speak up for CHANGE.
I'm not a vessel blower but sometime I act like the same.  
Here's our effort of last two months. We're reaching too many countries around the World spreading the word of sustainability and real meaning and value of the six letter word CHANGE.

Read full article: Click here

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meeting at UN Office India (UNFPA)

We'd an interactive meeting at UNFPA Office, India with UN Representatives, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Govt. of India and fellow Delegates of ICPD going to Bali, Indonesia on 5 issues mentioned below.


Delegates to the Global Youth Forum – in Bali and worldwide – will work closely to reach consensus on global recommendations for action on five crucial issues:

Staying Healthy:
Creating communities, policies and services that respect individual health needs and human rights, ensuring every young person achieves their full potential.
Comprehensive Education: 
Providing all young people, regardless of gender, disability, race or economic status, with good quality education so that they are empowered to be active citizens
Transitions to decent employment for youth: 
Overcoming the challenges of youth unemployment and harnessing the potential of youth to drive development that creates a healthier, more equal and more sustainable world for everyone
Families, youth-rights and well-being (including sexuality): 
Exploring the relationship between sexuality, family formation and sexual and reproductive health and human rights amongst adolescents and youth or family planning as a part of protecting sexual and reproductive health and rights. 
Fully Inclusive CIVIC participation: 
Supporting and building the capacity of youth leaders and the ability of governments, institutions and businesses to work collaboratively to create a more equal, more sustainable planet.

Don't Forget to Register as Virtual Delegate of ICPD Beyond 2014. :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

I am the Voice of 43%

Going to represent India as Founder & CEO of Green Youth Generation and Ambassador of TUNZA Eco-Generation at ICPD Global Youth Forum.

Chosen by International Steering committee of ICPD beyond 2014 Secretariat.

The United Nation Population Fund is committed to supporting the achievement of the ICPD agenda in all member countries The ICPD Programme of Action recognizes the needs of young people, particularly girls, as key to safeguard their rights and to achieve sustainable development.

Given the recognized benefits of investing in young people and fulfilling their reproductive health needs and rights, UNFPA in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Family welfare (MOHFW) and with the support of other government ministries, has organized a series of four consultations focusing on communication media for young people.

The outcome of these consultations will culminate in development of the Adolescent Health Strategy by articulating the needs of adolescents and the possible ways of addressing their needs through programme of the MOHFW or integrating adolescent health concerns in programmes of other Ministries in the next Five Year Plan and UNFPA's Country Programme (2013-2017) alike.

Calling on Youth Leaders: This Is Your Chance to Effect Change
Registration open for virtual delegates :)

You can be a fully contributing delegate wherever you can access a computer or a mobile phone signal. This could be at home, at a youth centre or in an internet cafe. As a delegate, you will receive a special login so that you can participate virtually in all Global Youth Forum activities. As a delegate, you will be expected to contribute in a number of ways. Website:

On 3-6 December 2012, over 900 youth leaders from every country will have an unprecedented opportunity to influence global policy.

Representing the 43% of the world?s population under age 25, they will convene in Bali, Indonesia to develop official recommendations for the United Nations development agenda.

But they will not be the only ones contributing.

Around the world, youth leaders will connect locally and electronically to provide a shared response to the social, economic and human rights challenges and opportunities faced by their generation. This is the moment when the 43% take control of our shared future.

If you want to get heard then please share your voice with me as a comment. :-)

Balraj Arpit

Founder & CEO
Green Youth Generation
(Ambassador, TUNZA Eco-Generation)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Magazine of Youth | Coming Soon | Online

After two successful editions of Green Youth Generation : Magazine of Youth in 2011 and 2012 which was circulated Worldwide and downloaded from more than 50 countries across the globe. Now, Green Youth Generation is launching Magazine of Youth Online to reach maximum number of Young people to express themselves and inspire others.

An online free worldwide circulated “Green Youth Generation: Magazine of Youth” for Young Leaders for Change.

To engage children & youth of the World, Green Youth Generation is bringing an online Magazine of Youth for young people and by young writers. 

Inviting all those young people to join our page to learn and write about YOU.

Stay tuned Website: