Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meeting at UN Office India (UNFPA)

We'd an interactive meeting at UNFPA Office, India with UN Representatives, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Govt. of India and fellow Delegates of ICPD going to Bali, Indonesia on 5 issues mentioned below.


Delegates to the Global Youth Forum – in Bali and worldwide – will work closely to reach consensus on global recommendations for action on five crucial issues:

Staying Healthy:
Creating communities, policies and services that respect individual health needs and human rights, ensuring every young person achieves their full potential.
Comprehensive Education: 
Providing all young people, regardless of gender, disability, race or economic status, with good quality education so that they are empowered to be active citizens
Transitions to decent employment for youth: 
Overcoming the challenges of youth unemployment and harnessing the potential of youth to drive development that creates a healthier, more equal and more sustainable world for everyone
Families, youth-rights and well-being (including sexuality): 
Exploring the relationship between sexuality, family formation and sexual and reproductive health and human rights amongst adolescents and youth or family planning as a part of protecting sexual and reproductive health and rights. 
Fully Inclusive CIVIC participation: 
Supporting and building the capacity of youth leaders and the ability of governments, institutions and businesses to work collaboratively to create a more equal, more sustainable planet.

Don't Forget to Register as Virtual Delegate of ICPD Beyond 2014. :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

I am the Voice of 43%

Going to represent India as Founder & CEO of Green Youth Generation and Ambassador of TUNZA Eco-Generation at ICPD Global Youth Forum.

Chosen by International Steering committee of ICPD beyond 2014 Secretariat.

The United Nation Population Fund is committed to supporting the achievement of the ICPD agenda in all member countries The ICPD Programme of Action recognizes the needs of young people, particularly girls, as key to safeguard their rights and to achieve sustainable development.

Given the recognized benefits of investing in young people and fulfilling their reproductive health needs and rights, UNFPA in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Family welfare (MOHFW) and with the support of other government ministries, has organized a series of four consultations focusing on communication media for young people.

The outcome of these consultations will culminate in development of the Adolescent Health Strategy by articulating the needs of adolescents and the possible ways of addressing their needs through programme of the MOHFW or integrating adolescent health concerns in programmes of other Ministries in the next Five Year Plan and UNFPA's Country Programme (2013-2017) alike.

Calling on Youth Leaders: This Is Your Chance to Effect Change
Registration open for virtual delegates :)

You can be a fully contributing delegate wherever you can access a computer or a mobile phone signal. This could be at home, at a youth centre or in an internet cafe. As a delegate, you will receive a special login so that you can participate virtually in all Global Youth Forum activities. As a delegate, you will be expected to contribute in a number of ways. Website:

On 3-6 December 2012, over 900 youth leaders from every country will have an unprecedented opportunity to influence global policy.

Representing the 43% of the world?s population under age 25, they will convene in Bali, Indonesia to develop official recommendations for the United Nations development agenda.

But they will not be the only ones contributing.

Around the world, youth leaders will connect locally and electronically to provide a shared response to the social, economic and human rights challenges and opportunities faced by their generation. This is the moment when the 43% take control of our shared future.

If you want to get heard then please share your voice with me as a comment. :-)

Balraj Arpit

Founder & CEO
Green Youth Generation
(Ambassador, TUNZA Eco-Generation)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Magazine of Youth | Coming Soon | Online

After two successful editions of Green Youth Generation : Magazine of Youth in 2011 and 2012 which was circulated Worldwide and downloaded from more than 50 countries across the globe. Now, Green Youth Generation is launching Magazine of Youth Online to reach maximum number of Young people to express themselves and inspire others.

An online free worldwide circulated “Green Youth Generation: Magazine of Youth” for Young Leaders for Change.

To engage children & youth of the World, Green Youth Generation is bringing an online Magazine of Youth for young people and by young writers. 

Inviting all those young people to join our page to learn and write about YOU.

Stay tuned Website: 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Launch of Youtharia:Season-III PicBadge

Shaping the future of a country no doubt requires people of high intellect and experience, but at the same time to implement and materialize the ideas into reality we need young and enthusiastic people in the ranks. It would only make sense if we had an equal mix of youth and experience in our political system. With the really old ministers making way for the young ones.

Youtharia is in my heart,
 mind & soul.

Introducing "Youtharia:Season-III" PicBadge.

Slogan of "Youtharia:Season-III" is “We Think Globally, Act Globally.”

"Youtharia: Season-III" is a strategy on working with children and youth around the world in Child Rights, Education and Environment issues. The main objective is to develop environmental awareness, decision-making, exchange information and capacity building. Join us if you’ve decided to make a difference in the World and make our planet a better place to live.


Friday, October 19, 2012

United Children and Youth for CHANGE!

United Children and Youth for CHANGE!

After COP 11, with new insights and knowledge, I did something that may change 100's of children  and youth. It's high time to make a difference in the World before 2020 else we may lose our existence from Earth. We've to decrease Carbon emission to 0 by year 2020 what everyone talk about at COP11. Yes! We're in big trouble, a trouble that people are ignoring even after knowing it. But still, we won't stop. Here's an initiative that we take after COP11.

We saw some children in the park with teachers..and suddenly what came into my mind was let's do it, let's motivate and aware these small kids.

Balraj Arpit
Founder & CEO
Green Youth Generation
(Ambassador, TUNZA Eco-Generation representing Asia-Pacific)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

UN | CBD-COP 11 | Day II and Day III | Participation in International Conference on Biodiversity Conservation and ESD

Participation in International Conference on      Biodiversity Conservation and ESD


Conservation of biodiversity cannot be achieved without the active participation and support from civil society. Students, Decision Makers, Business Professionals and others need to understand the key underlying issues involved in biodiversity conservation and the way development affects this. For people to begin to recognize the relationship between biodiversity and human well-being and reflect on how this is exemplified in every -day life there is a need to recognize the need for biodiversity education as an essential component of ESD. It is therefore important to strengthen education programmes with a stronger biodiversity component so that they enable educators and learners to protect biodiversity. The UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UNDESD 2004-2014) focuses on engaging people on education and training to address the inter linkages between ecosystems and livelihoods, nature with culture, society with the economy, and the actions we can take without affecting our quality of life. Biodiversity is acknowledged as a key issue that needs to be part of awareness-raising, learning and education for a sustainable future. The Decade aims at reorienting educational programmes in order to develop new educational contents and materials; and formulate new learning paths that would take into account the meaning and importance of biodiversity through quality education in the area of biodiversity. Centre for Environment Education (CEE) is organised a parallel event in partnership with the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, titled "Learning to Conserve Biodiversity in a Rapidly Developing World" on 13 and 14 October, 2012 at the HICC during COP11.

Biodiversity, Non Formal Education and Formal Education

The Biodiversity Conservation and ESD Conference seek to facilitate an invigorating consultative process through the WGs. The WG proceedings will feed into overall conference outcome and plenaries / recommendations and declaration.
Four thematic workshops are being planned. The objective of the WG is to:
  • Prepared a status report on work done so far through sharing of best practices and experiences
  • Defined issues and challenges in mainstreaming Biodiversity Education in Education for Sustainable Development
  • Prepared a road map for the future and specifically make recommendations to COP 11 at Hyderabad
The WG was for 5 and half hours during this two day Conference. On Day 1 the session was for 2 hours and included introductions. On Day 2 the pre lunch session was for 1 and half hours while the post lunch session was for 2 hours including conclusions.

Day 2:
Resource person/Facilitator
Inaugural and Plenary - 1
Inauguration by Ms. Purandeswari Devi, MoS, MHRD, Facilitation by CEE
Working Group session (Non formal education): Youth and Biodiversity
Introducing the Non formal education working group themes and objectives

Non formal education workshops facilitator (Madhavi/Meena/Santosh)
Achieving Strategic Plan and Aichi targets – Youth agenda
Role of Awareness and Education in Biodiversity Conservation – Youth engagement
Rupa Gandhi, Wildlife Trust of India
Discussion with the experts; flagging points for day 3
Facilitated by Madhavi Joshi, CEE
Plenary 2
Values and Ethics in Biodiversity Conservation
Mirian Vilela, Facilitation by CEE
Dinner and Cultural programme

Day 3:
Resource Person/Facilitator
Plenary 3
Aichi Targets and Education
Facilitation by CEE
Youth working group session
-Round table discussions around 5 Aichi goals
-Youth panel to present outcomes

Facilitation by Supriya, TERI
Youth working group session
- Youth Panel to facilitate final recommendations
Facilitation by Supriya and Madhavi
Non formal education – Concluding session
Non formal education workshops facilitator (Madhavi/Meena/Santosh)
Closing Plenary – Inputs into COP 11 and DESD 2014
Facilitation by CEE

Had great and amazing journey of COP 11 | CBD | Young India for Biodiversity.

Successfully drafted Zero Draft of COP 11 to be proposed by CEE on 17th Oct.