Saturday, September 1, 2012

Green Morning!!

Green Morning! Don't be uncomfortable when I say "Green Morning Everyone". In our daily life, we keep ourselves update with two things 1. Fashion & 2. Tecnology, no matter it harms to our environment or not.
"Green Morning" brings freshness of our mind and imaginary blossoms start falling above us.
"Good Morning" is tradition words which brought to us hundreds of years back. And it reaches to us 

like a custom from generation after generation. Whenever & wherever we see teachers, three words comes out from our mouth "Good Morning Sir/Ma/am". Are we fulfilling formalities by saying this or what? Nobody wishes "Good Morning", they are only fulfilling formalities. There is no emotions in "Good Morning". But here "Green Youth Generation" come with "Green Morning".
A "Green Morning" to refresh our mind,
A "Green Morning" to refresh others mind,
& "Green Morning", a tribute to our "Environment". If you're passionate about environments, then you should start replacing "Good Morning" by "Green Morning".
Have greenday..

Author: Balraj Arpit

Published in: "Green Youth Generation:Magazine of Youth"

Recognized by: TUNZA Eco-Generation

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