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Language : Need of a Long Journey

Language : Need of a Long Journey
Language, every region has their own. Me, ?Balraj Arpit?? belongs from Bihar, India where people knows three language, 1. Regional Language - Bhojpuri, 2. National Language – Hindi and 3. International Language – English but better for better interaction with city population, we use ?Hindi? and for rural population, we use ?Bhojpuri?. And a funny language i.e. ?Hinglish?, remix of Hindi and English, forget it. I studied in St. Dominic Savio?s High School, Bihar. After completing intermediate, because of interest and little bit passion of computer, Tamil Nadu. Its completely a new experience of my life when I travelled approx 2800 Km away from my home. Tamil Nadu, culture and its language give make it an unique state of the India where 80% of the population is literate and cultured. Their behaviour and response to your enquiry will amaze you, their politeness and innocence impress my heart always.
My first activity in Tamil Nadu was ?Anti-Ragging? seminar in my University to stop ragging. On every Saturday and Sunday, I move to the rural area around me. On first day, I?d visited with coordinator of my organization to ?Vallam? few kilometres away from me. We found, ancient art of living culture which is in blood of every Tamil people. B-47 was the bus b which we reached there. ?Tea? not a modern tea but an old generation?s healthy tea was tasted by us. You won?t but you can?t make tea like that without training of the way and procedure they were making.
Title of my project was ?Roadside Emotion? to catch and understand the emotion of poor people. We clicked numbers of emotions in our camera but it was not so easy. It was difficult to interact with them because we don?t know Tamil language and they don?t know English. A language problem born here in our second activity in Tamil Nadu. My mother tongue is Hindi and was unaware of single meaning of Tamil language. So, rather interacting with them, we back to our room.
Now, we tryna find out solution of the language problem. If we join Tamil language class then it would take time to learn and complete the project. So, we decided to make a friend who could interact with us and to the poor people fluently. This idea works, we make a friend who help us to forward our question and message to them poor people. We learn many things in this project that they live live their life with culture and giving honest service to others without any selfishness in them. They?re poor but happy because they?re educated and care about others. Understanding emotion of roadside and rural people was a great experience of my and I will never forget it. Everyone is in this world born for a reason and die for a reason.
After completing this project, we return to the room. Now, I?m going back to home after completing 1st semester Engineering exam because of one month holiday. I?m very excited to go my hometown because I?ll organize many activities, events and projects for Environment.
Check out few some photographs of our project ?Roadside Emotion?. Hope you?ll trying to understand their emotion.
Stay tuned with me and my organization ?Green Youth Generation? working in the field of Child Rights, Education and Environment.
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