Monday, October 22, 2012

Launch of Youtharia:Season-III PicBadge

Shaping the future of a country no doubt requires people of high intellect and experience, but at the same time to implement and materialize the ideas into reality we need young and enthusiastic people in the ranks. It would only make sense if we had an equal mix of youth and experience in our political system. With the really old ministers making way for the young ones.

Youtharia is in my heart,
 mind & soul.

Introducing "Youtharia:Season-III" PicBadge.

Slogan of "Youtharia:Season-III" is “We Think Globally, Act Globally.”

"Youtharia: Season-III" is a strategy on working with children and youth around the world in Child Rights, Education and Environment issues. The main objective is to develop environmental awareness, decision-making, exchange information and capacity building. Join us if you’ve decided to make a difference in the World and make our planet a better place to live.


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