Tuesday, October 16, 2012

UN | CBD-COP 11 | Day I | Young India for Biodiversity

    Youth for Biodiversity – Unite for a Common Cause

1st Day of journey COP 11 and it was full of fun and learning. The session was begin with joy and ends with love. Yeah! here it begins!

Resource person/Facilitator
Inaugural session – Setting the tone and introducing CBD COP11 to participants
KVS, David Ainsworth, BMS Rathore/ NBA Chairman
(Speed Networking)

Briefing – About the objectives of the  Youth Workshop
Madhavi Joshi, CEE and Livleen Kahlon, TERI
Sharing youth’s experiences in biodiversity conservation and education: Case studies from
-          YETI
Facilitated by YETI representatives

Experiences and key learnings in biodiversity conservation and education for youth from Earth Charter Youth Initiatives – an interactive session
Mirian Vilela, Executive Director, Earth Charter Initiative Secretariat, Costa Rica

Screening of film about sacred groves – Colours of India series, followed by a discussion
Livleen Kahlon, TERI
Group Activity:
Challenges and opportunities for youth to engage in biodiversity issues
-          education
-          livelihood
-          policy and decision making
Discussion based on the morning sessions and their own experience (a listing of challenges and opportunities would emerge – to be used as input into the session on 13th)
Madhavi Joshi, CEE and Livleen Kahlon, TERI
Briefing about the Fun Assignment to carried out by youth participants – and showcased during the Plenary on 13th.
Jyoti Gopinathan, CEE

What I did?

Firstly, listen to all resource person and facilitator carefully. And believe me, all were great. 

Then, in group activity, I was working working on issues regarding Biodiversity Conservation in Forests. And successfully come up with numbers issues. 

See here! Finally | Next Day >>>
It was Day I activity presented next day by Balraj Arpit.

  • Endangered species 
  • Deforestation
  • Fragmentation 
  • Resource Extraction
  • Fire
  • Forest Encroachment 
  • Poaching/Hunting 
  • Climate Change
  • Pollution
Above mentioned were the issued designed by my group and showcased during plenary session on next day

And finally, we received our conference kit for plenary session and side event of COP11 CBD.

Balraj ArpitFounder & CEOGreen Youth Generation(Ambassador, TUNZA Eco Generation representing Asia Paicific)

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