Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meeting at UN Office India (UNFPA)

We'd an interactive meeting at UNFPA Office, India with UN Representatives, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Govt. of India and fellow Delegates of ICPD going to Bali, Indonesia on 5 issues mentioned below.


Delegates to the Global Youth Forum – in Bali and worldwide – will work closely to reach consensus on global recommendations for action on five crucial issues:

Staying Healthy:
Creating communities, policies and services that respect individual health needs and human rights, ensuring every young person achieves their full potential.
Comprehensive Education: 
Providing all young people, regardless of gender, disability, race or economic status, with good quality education so that they are empowered to be active citizens
Transitions to decent employment for youth: 
Overcoming the challenges of youth unemployment and harnessing the potential of youth to drive development that creates a healthier, more equal and more sustainable world for everyone
Families, youth-rights and well-being (including sexuality): 
Exploring the relationship between sexuality, family formation and sexual and reproductive health and human rights amongst adolescents and youth or family planning as a part of protecting sexual and reproductive health and rights. 
Fully Inclusive CIVIC participation: 
Supporting and building the capacity of youth leaders and the ability of governments, institutions and businesses to work collaboratively to create a more equal, more sustainable planet.

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