Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Real Heroes | Youtharians

From last two months, was very busy in studies and organization I'm running. You may heard about Green Youth Generation's Youtharia: Season-III, an unique strategy to Think Globally, Act Globally.
I'm so honored that these young leaders are part of one of the largest student organization working in the field of Child Rights, Education and Environment. And, rockstar managing team who're continuously working hard for the sake of our Mother Earth.
Amazingly, we're achieving our goal and mission to make real difference in the World. There's no doubt that our National/International Coordinators are doing great and have realized the true meaning living life. They know, what kind of future they want? There initiatives are changing lives of millions and motivating billions of people. Why? Why they're doing so? There isn't any financial support but there's passion of doing right works and these esteemed young leaders so called Youtharians are doing so.
It takes some time to motivate someone but it worth a lot when those people understand its real meaning and value. Later, they make their identity in the World and speak up for CHANGE.
I'm not a vessel blower but sometime I act like the same.  
Here's our effort of last two months. We're reaching too many countries around the World spreading the word of sustainability and real meaning and value of the six letter word CHANGE.

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