Friday, July 5, 2013

7 Most Inspiring Stories of My Life

007: The way I keep positive attitude for you, I wish the same from your side because you're my friend. And honestly, you can be a better leader and entrepreneur than today.

# One can't realize the problem on ground level until or unless travelling on ground. I've traveled whole India by train in 2013 and I've learned something amazing which I hadn't found while flying from South India to North India and West India to East India in 2012.

006: It was 2011 and Green Youth Generation initiated its first activity. Although many people from around the World appreciated our work but there was few people who seems to be feeling insecure. The reason was, a simple boy from a small town had started a student organization who wasn't brilliant and talented enough even lack of leadership quality. But in two month of his activity, recognized by Tunza Eco-Generation (An environmental networking platform by UNEP and Samsung Engineering, S. Korea) and he became Ambassador to represent the nation India.

# I have never been demoralized when few people tried to pull me down rather those people inspired me to be the change. Because my initiative was real, my small team has never been work for the sake of name and fame as those few people think of.

## Now, we're strong and one of the largetst platform of Asia-Pacific who's building world leader who're making difference in the World. And, we're heard by United Nations, Government of India and many esteemed organizations of the World.

"We'll not Change the World, We're changing the World." - published on front page of Hindustan Yuva (Hindi newspaper for Youth)

005:Me and my rockstar team were running whole day for sponsorship but very few local businesspersons of the city were aware about the word 'sponsorship'. It was very tough for us to aware and explain them because it was all about money and generally people don't want to believe when we suggest something new no which was completely new for them. Anyway, after 20 days and we raised only 10% of the total expenditure. I thought that these businessperson ain't gonna sponsor our event so we've to cancel it. Exactly a week before the expected date of the event, an institutes sponsored our event.  Believe me, my team were very happy like first dream came true.

# Youtharia Games in Minz Stadium was the first huge success of the Green Youth Generation with 2000+ audience. Green Morning World was introduced to the people which is now popular in schools and most of the student of the Gopalganj wish Green Morning. Later, businesspersons were change their mind and contact us to sponsor our upcoming events. Now, we're organizing the Youtharia EduForum which is first time ever happening in the city with around 1200 audience from more than 20 villages on this World Environment Day (June 05, 2013).

- This isn't fight to win or lose rather to CHANGE the World.

004: People meet, betray and back-stab. It's a story when I'd started trusting people and one of them become so important who given me a reason to be with. There's nothing I've found heavenly as I found when I speak and motivate people who's in front of me. Because sad part is, there's nothing important for those people who live for their own benefits or whatever...and its better to do good for mass rather to do anything for single.

# I still the same man who born on 19th February and will be the same forever. I cannot change my dream to make a difference in the World no matter whether I've to do because once I told in UNEP TUNZA Asia-Pacific Youth Conference that 'Youth & Children are future of any country, they can Change the World. They can do anything whatever they want if they wish to do.'

003: First time ever I introduced Green Morning World in 2011. Went to more than 20 schools and wishes everyone Green Morning but it was difficult for few people to accept it. In schools, Green Morning become popular and student start wishing and whenever I post on social networking website then few people make joke of it.

Later,it was first recognized at UNEP TUNZA Asia Pacific Youth Conference 2012 by Satwant Kaur (Regional Information Officer, UNEP Regional Office of the Asia and Pacific) and then at Convention on Biological Diversity COP 11 by Madhavi Joshi (Programme Director, DESD and Youth Programmes) and at UNFPA's ICPD Global Youth Forum (Bali, Indonesia).

# Now in any conference/event, I start with "Green Morning World and don't be uncomfortable if I said Green Morning because it's my love and devotion to our mother Earth. I'm..."

002: "Being a Computer Science student, I'm highly inspired by Computer because it understands '0' and '1' only, 'Yes' or 'No' and 'Do' or 'Die'. This helps me in decision making so that I can easily take decision rather being confused between 'Yes, No or Don't No'." - I always keep saying this while hosting any engineering college/university. And believe me, I've left an impact on student who're now successful young leader.

# Each of your action needs strong and confident decision that makes you successful. I've never answered "Don't No" in my entrepreneurship and leadership career because "Don't No" isn't any answer.

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