Friday, January 3, 2014

She is dead, I too...

I was almost dead after seeing this dead bird in my balcony from my room. The bird died because of chilled winter, not me. We, human has shattered their home and secured our lifestyle. Injustice to a bird, the nature and someone's life.

When a person from one region cannot understand the language of a person from other region doesn't mean to be ignored. Same way, a creature of nature maybe specified in a different way but doesn't mean to ignore them.

There are several programmes and initiatives going on throughout the World by different organizations to save lives of other creature. But, with deep grief to say that we are not changing. How much tree we planted, takes several years to become home of a bird but it takes less than a minute to shatter.

If any person from wood industry looking at the image, just realize that what are you doing? I know, you'll talk about market demands and all but it'll affect you and your family too.

I imagined myself same as the bird hanging somewhere dead. It doesn't scared me, it scared the whole ecosystem and humanity.

Few days back, I updated on Facebook - "How does feel when you're alone hanging at 90 feet above the ground in chilled winter @9°C and looking for someone who's thousands of kilometer away from you? Leave, let it be a joke." I was talking about these birds because they occassionally used to hang over in my balcony and on that day bird was alone sitting in early morning warming her body with the sunlight. I thought, it's good that there's net so that they can used to sit here for sunlight.

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